Atlantic Beach Blonde   ABV 4.7 – Pale Lager
This light Pilsner-style lager is the perfect easy-going beer anytime of the year. Brewed with Pilsner, Rice, and Carolina grown Rye malt from Riverbend Malt House - along with a healthy dose of Crystal hops, which lend a subtle lemon character - our AB Blonde is the perfect thirst quencher.

Crystal Coast IPA   ABV 6.4 – American IPA
There’s that special feeling when you see the coast crest upon the horizon, and the sea greets you while crossing the Intracoastal Waterway. There’s a sense of wonder brought upon as the beacon flashes from the Cape Lookout Lighthouse. There’s a moment of exhilaration as the Shackleford horses breeze past, running free on the beach. This culmination of experiences are what make the Crystal Coast such an extraordinary place. It’s the moments like these that inspired us to brew this IPA - hopped with Simcoe and Citra - giving it a character of candied tangerines and peach rings - concluding with a pleasant malt finish.

Money Island Black Lager   ABV 5.1 – Schwarzbier
A century ago, this island was also known as the Atlantic City of the South. With the construction of casinos, bath houses, and other lavished features, some even began calling it Money Island due to all the extravagance and wealth being laid out. As the depression of 30’s began hitting the country, it too hit this region, and Money Island went as dark as this beer. Although black in color, this German-style Schwarzbier is an easy drinking lager with notes of mocha and bittersweet cocoa.

Eastern "Bock" Turtle Amber Lager   ABV 6.2 - Single Bock
As an homage to our native dome-backed Terrapene, whom we’ll sometimes find wandering into the brewery, we created this Dunkles-style Bock. This beautiful amber lager is characterized by a toasty-rich malt character, with notes of creamy caramel accented with dark fruit. Brewed with locally grown Carolina Malt House Pilsner and Dark Munich malts.

Core Sound Oatmeal Stout   ABV 6.7 – Oatmeal Stout
A traditional English-style oatmeal stout at its core, this beer drinks incredibly easy for its alcohol percentage. Brewed with British barley and oats, our Core Sound Oatmeal Stout imparts a smooth texture, with a medium dry palate and bittersweet cocoa finish. 

Breakwater Coffee Brown Ale   ABV 5.3 - English Brown Ale
Designed to protect our coast from inclement weather, breakwaters work hard to keep our shores beautiful - Just like these structures, we worked hard with our friends at Crystal Coast Coffee Roasters to develop this brown ale that carries a bright and lively coffee character, but is still balanced by underlying chocolate and nutty notes that finishes with dark fruit. Brewed with North Carolina malted heritage barley from Riverbend Malt House and Ethiopian/Panamanian cold press blend from Crystal Coast Coffee Roasters.

Kill Devil Belgian Golden Ale   ABV 8.3 – Belgian Golden Ale
As lore goes, there's a stash buried beneath those hills strong enough to kill the Devil himself. As the trickster he is, he passed on this recipe of deceitful strength. With it, we crafted this beautiful golden ale. Smooth and devious, this libation will catch you when least expected - just like the original charlatan himself.

​Macon Waves Double IPA with Raspberries   ABV 9.0 – Fruit Imperial IPA
For eleven long hours, cannons bombarded the fort's shore in 1862. Only until the end, surrender was never a thought as an overwhelming force was laid upon those Macon waves. As a tribute, we brewed this Double India Pale Ale. Blush red and triple dry hopped, this beer is brewed with Appalachian grown malted red wheat and raspberries, in addition to mosaic and loral hops.

Sundew Hoppy Pils   ABV 5.0 - Hoppy German Pilsner
Bright. Hoppy. Deceptive. Named after the misleading carnivorous plant, this hoppy pilsner will lure you in with its beautiful golden appearance. Instead of getting the blast of citrus one might expect from Citra, you’ll instead be consumed by the wonderful flavors lychee, guava and gooseberry.

Cutter Farmhouse Pale Ale   ABV 5.4 - Farmhouse Ale

This farmhouse pale ale is driven by an fine balance between yeast and hops. Equanot and Opal deliver notes of ruby red grapefruit and white pepper that are then followed through with a distinctive rustic character and slight tartness provided by our saison yeast. This is then concluded with a subtle lingering bitterness and dry finish.

Mama's Got A Squeeze Box Sour IPA   ABV 6.2 - American IPA  (Bhramari Brewing Collaboration)
Putting our minds together with Asheville-based Bhramari Brewing Company, we created this beautiful and bright sour IPA. The profile begins with a tropical bouquet, leading up to a pleasant tartness mid-palate, and concluding with a creamy vanilla note. As a whole, the best way to describe this beer is a mango pineapple creamsicle.

Black Pelican Maple Porter   ABV 5.8 - English Porter
Seen soaring around the Kitty Hawk Lifesaving Station, the Black Pelican was a beacon of hope to wary sailors. If a threatening storm ever arose, these men knew they could depend on this winged savior to guide them to safety, even in the most unbridled conditions.

In honor of the Black Pelican, we brewed this Breakfast Porter. Brewed with Golden Promise, Golden Naked Oats, Vanilla and Lactose – along with a hearty addition of maple syrup – this beer will keep you content indoors, so you don’t have to challenge the wrath of the sea and find safety behind the wing the Black Pelican.

​StoneBrut IPA   ABV 6.8 - Brut IPA

After one of our wettest years to date, we decided it was time to dry out. To accommodate, this Brut IPA was born.  Brewed to be light and effervescent, we kept the malt simple. Beyond that, we put our modesty to the side and let the fun begin. This was achieved by loading the beer up with a hefty Simcoe dry hop and a generous amount of Apricots and Peaches. The final result is our dry, but juice filled StoneBrut IPA.

​Lighthouse Lager   ABV 5.0 - Pale American Lager
Our Lighthouse Lager is a quintessentially classic, American-style lager. Faithfully brewed as a golden pilsner, utilizing Hallertau hops from Germany and a select combination of malted barley.

Fly the Salty Wind Black Gose with Boysenberry and Tart Cherry   ABV 4.4 - Black Gose

Seabirds fly the salty wind - east to south, north to west. Can we go, as they go? Brewed with almost a pound per gallon of Boysenberry and Tart Cherry, this Black Gose is resonating with dark fruit character. Beginning big and jammy, the conclusion finishes with a character of cherry pie, all while carrying a bright tartness throughout. 

Crossroads IPA Collaboration with Fishtowne Brew House   ABV 5.9 - New England IPA
This super hazy New England IPA is a tropical fruit bomb with aromas and flavors of mango, pineapple, berry, & orange peel. It has a creamy, full-bodied texture & a fruity bitterness on the finish.

Cirrus IPA   ABV 6.7 - New England IPA   RELEASES FEBRUARY 22
Boasting a golden yellow haze and cloudy soft mouthfeel, this 1st run of our tropospheric IPA series finds a balance between its layers of grapefruit zest, blueberry and apricot notes, accompanied by a clean bitterness delivered by Mosaic and Cashmere.

2018 NC Brewers Cup Silver Medal